Margot Day singer, songwriter and flute player - Official Website with music from Metamorph, mOss circle, SACRED!, The Plague Naraka. Also known as Margo DaymOss circle video clip

Metamorph Margot Day with Ari Karma and Kurtis Knight

We are in the year of the Fire Monkey. Are you inspiring your power? Striving? Reaching goal attainment? A quantum leap in your life? Anything can happen. So in a flury of firey hope for transformation, change and growth, we release "Fire Monkey", the second single and video from METAMOPH

Metamorph Fire Monkey feat. Margot Day aka Margo Day

Metamorph feat. Margot Day (aka Margo Day)


Metamorph feat. Margot Day (aka Margo Day)